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Edme DMS - 1.5kg Tin

Unfortunately, not currently available ->perhaps try Brupaks non-diastatic pale malt extract as associated below.

The original Diastatic Malt Syrup (DMS), was made exclusively by Muntons.

DMS was manufactured by mashing quality malted barley and then sparging to produce a sugary wort just as in a brewery.
The wort was then concentrated by evaporating off the water at a controlled low temperature.

This produced a dense liquid diastatic malt extract with the original malt's α-amylase and β-amylase properties largely intact.

These diastatic properties were then used either to convert cereal adjuncts in malt extract beers or, in real emergencies, to rescue a set mash.

Edme DMS - 1.5kg Tin
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